NOV 24, 2013

How to record the perfect demo track

Choose your top two or three songs A perfect demo track should contain the right quality and quantity mix of tunes; enough to keep the listener interested and ea .... read more
Created on 24th November 2013
NOV 22, 2013

5 Steps to establishing your brand

An established brand speaks for itself; people have an opinion before they've even dealt with your company. Their opinion is formed over time and can be positively (or ne .... read more
Created on 22nd November 2013
NOV 10, 2013

Why you should invest in professional CD duplication as a new music artist

Investing in professional assistance is the key to maximising your chance of success in the music industry. As a new artist, you will require a set of industry profession .... read more
Created on 10th November 2013
NOV 8, 2013

Welcome to the new Xpress Duplication blog!

Welcome to the Xpress Duplication blog where we'll keep you updated with useful tips on how to create a perfect demo, steps to establishing your brand and many more! We' .... read more
Created on 8th November 2013