NOV 22, 2013

5 Steps to establishing your brand

An established brand speaks for itself; people have an opinion before they've even dealt with your company. Their opinion is formed over time and can be positively (or negatively) influenced with brand awareness campaigns. Raising awareness may sound expensive but no matter how large or small your company, you can still establish a memorable and personable brand in a few simple steps.

Build Reputation

In order to build a reputation in your target market, you must identify what you want the brand to represent. Your reputation should fit your brand so choose something that can easily live up to expectations. Your unique selling point must be true to the brand. There are a few strategies to become the leading brand in your industry:

  • offering competitive prices

  • providing excellent customer service

  • producing the best quality products or performing services better than any competitor

Find out what matters most to your customers e.g. if you’re selling to cash strapped house wives you could emphasise value for money or the benefits to families. This will be your most effective brand strategy.

Your reputation is an invaluable asset that is easy to protect as you have the control to become known for something you're good at. A reputable brand gives you the competitive advantage as it becomes one of the sought after brands every time a customer is in the market to purchase. Once your brand proves it can exceed expectations time and time again, you'll start to earn people’s trust and loyalty.

Online presence

In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is vital to getting your brand out there. You can increase the chances of finding prospective clients by having plenty of positive and informative content available online. If you're a small company, your clients will want to find out as much about you before they engage your services. So the more information they can find, the more they can trust you're a reputable, legitimate brand.

Distribute high quality promotional discs

Distributing leaflets, flyers or even business cards in your local area are a few ways to advertise your business. However if you're battling with other businesses in the area, leaflet distribution can become fairly ineffective in a saturated market. One innovative twist is to distribute promotional discs instead. Promotional and presentational discs are popular within certain trades as they are an effective way to present information about your company and release demos of your upcoming game, music or film. Once you've compiled a promotional disc, we can provide disc duplication services giving you high quality discs ready to distribute.

Strong artwork

Using consistent artwork throughout your company literature, website and promotional products will help build familiarity. Sticking to the same colours and font is essential for any start up company. You should therefore choose colours that you'd want to represent your brand for years to come. The artwork design should be bold and memorable to set you apart from your competitors.

Created on 22nd November 2013
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