NOV 8, 2013

Welcome to the new Xpress Duplication blog!

Welcome to the Xpress Duplication blog where we'll keep you updated with useful tips on how to create a perfect demo, steps to establishing your brand and many more!

We're proud to provide high quality DVD duplication services to many big household names and have a client list that has seen rapid growth over the years. We've earned the trust of our regular customers who know we always offer top quality products and are committed to providing best customer service.

This blog will be a place to read up on tips and advice on how professional CD and DVD services can help newly formed or established bands, solo artists or small to multi-national businesses. We'll look at the benefits of Xpress Duplication services and share ideas and hints on how to sell yourself using the range of products and services we offer. So whether you're interested in improving your corporate image or want to advance your music career, we hope you'll find plenty of useful information on the blog.

Our aim is to offer clients a one stop shop with a wide range of services and now have a full suite of solutions for your disc duplication needs. We  want to help clients find the product they're looking for and make better decisions by taking the time to explain the different printing options. If you need tips on choosing between full colour thermal or low coverage inkjet printing, we can make the ordering process easier by guiding you every step of the way. 

Some of our clients are experts in DVD/CD duplication who know exactly what media, print method and packaging they need. So there is a quote calculator on our site to provide quick, instant prices on CD or DVD duplication. Just select your required options and see how much your discs would cost through us.

The quality of our CD printing and packaging services are second to none. We use advanced CD printing techniques to help create professional end results and exceed client expectations. If you need a larger run or a fast turnaround on delivery, you can contact us as we are happy to discuss your needs.

Come back soon to read our latest blog!

Created on 8th November 2013
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