NOV 10, 2013

Why you should invest in professional CD duplication as a new music artist

Investing in professional assistance is the key to maximising your chance of success in the music industry. As a new artist, you will require a set of industry professionals to guide you and help you succeed in an extremely tough industry to break. Talent alone is sometimes not enough to make it as a music artist, so take your time and choose the best manager and PR agency you can afford.

Audio Mastering

Your voice or music may sound great live in your home or studio, but not many people have the chance to sing live auditions or present their music in front of a hiring panel. As a new music artist the most common route is to record your music onto discs and distribute them to every record label, music professional and likely contact within the industry.

At this point it comes down to just a few factors:

• having your music heard by the right person who has an interest in your style of music

• your raw talent

• the quality of the sound

Unless you have audio mastering skills, experience and equipment, your music may not be recorded to its full potential.

To ensure every beat and sound is recorded effectively, you need to employ an audio mastering professional. An audio mastering service aims to enhance and transform your audio usually supplied in wav or aif format. The music may only require a few tweaks ranging from simple compiling of tracks, PQ encoding and tracking, to digital editing, equalisation and balancing. The end result is your music ready to present and showcase to the moguls of the music industry on a disc.

Artwork & Design

Using creative and professional artwork on your CDs could be the difference between someone playing your music and it being tossed in the bin If you have poured all your creative efforts into your music, you can hire professionals to provide you with full CD artwork and design services. This could include designing the disc full face, CD/DVD tray liner, CD/DVD booklet, inlay, card wallet as well as other ad-hoc design requirements.

Professional CD duplication

Once your disc is finally ready for distributing, you want to ensure each one has been accurately copied from the original disc. Copying discs at home will result in degradation of quality even if you’ve paid for professional mastering. Professional CD duplication services will ensure your music is replicated flawlessly and retains data integrity.

CD and DVD duplication is popular for smaller runs and they provide fast turnarounds making them ideal for those who want to get their discs out sooner. However if you need larger orders, CD and DVD replication is perfect to recreate your music from a specifically created master. Professional CD duplication ensures each disc is a high quality copy as we use advanced CD printing techniques for a perfect professional end result.


Created on 10th November 2013
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